Synthetic Biology


Inspired by Nature: Designed by Science

We are a world-leading research centre whose goal is to take us beyond what any single, existing microbe on earth can do. We design and build microbes that aim to turn agricultural and municipal waste into a vast array of sustainable products. Our engineered microbes aim to seed a vibrant new bio-based economy that will build on Australia’s agricultural strengths and propel us into the future.

Research Programs

Synthetic <strong>Microbial Communities</strong>

Synthetic Microbial Communities

Creating novel designer microbial communities that will turn sustainable agricultural biomass into industrial biochemicals.

Synthetic <strong>Organelles</strong>

Synthetic Organelles

Travelling inside cells to create tiny reaction vessels for making high-value compounds.

<strong>Neobiochemistry </strong>


Creating new-to-nature enzymes and metabolic pathways to develop sustainable alternatives to finite resources.

Systems  <strong>Bioengineering</strong>

Systems Bioengineering

Designing high-performing cells factories to create a bioeconomy.

Industrial <strong>Translation</strong>

Industrial Translation

Exploring the many technical and economic factors that would influence the introduction of new bio-based industries at scale.

Social <strong>Dimensions</strong>

Social Dimensions

The Social Dimensions research capability examines the promises, practices and policies informing and supporting synthetic biology, with a focus on ethical issues and values, legal frameworks and cultural shifts

Meet Our People

Our team includes some of the most esteemed researchers in Australia. Biophysical scientists, humanities scholars and social scientists who are internationally recognised in their fields, working together on responsible innovation to create a sustainable, bio-based industry.

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