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13, Oct 2023

Mini machines: the power of microbial genes

Associate Professor Amy Cain of the Centre’s Macquarie University node has presented at the prestigious NSW Chief Scientist’s Research Breakfast Seminar.

Her talk, ‘Mini-machines: how microbial genes can improve the world’, covered her personal journey into studying microbes through to the broad uses of microbial genes, from breaking down shopping bags or old mattresses to understanding how microbes became resistant to antibiotics.

Amy argues that the key to harnessing a microbe’s power is by understanding its genes. This is the focus of her research, which uses ‘functional genomics’ techniques to discover an individual gene’s role and then applying it to create ground-breaking biotechnologies.

The Science & Research Breakfast Seminar Series showcases excellence in research and development which is generating economic, environmental, social and technological benefits for New South Wales. The series will again feature some of the state’s best and brightest, and highlight its tremendous research strength across a diverse range of disciplines.

You can watch her presentation here: