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14, Mar 2024

A deep dive into Nagoya Protocol, IP and the law

Professor Brad Sherman and team have developed a suite to tools to help Centre members understand how to negotiate both the Nagoya Protocol and intellectual property (IP).

The Nagoya Protocol covers fair and equitable use of genetic resources and the Centre aims to be an exemplar for its implementation in Australia.

Professor Sherman and researchers Pratap Devarapalli and Goncagul Cengiz have developed a set of fact sheets covering both Nagoya and IP. In addition, the team is offering a Law and IP Masterclass, a six-week online series covering aspects of the law that are relevant to conducting scientific research.

The team have also developed a Best Practice Guide to Nagoya which will be sent to certain Centre members for feedback before being officially launched in the coming months. An introduction to the guide will be offered in the last week of the Masterclass.

The Fact Sheets can be accessed here:

Masterclass details and Zoom link below:


15 April: Introduction to Intellectual Property
23 April: Intellectual Property Protection for Plants
24 April: Intellectual Property protection for synthetic biology
1 May: Introduction to Contract
9 May: Adoption, exploitation and commercialisation of your research
15 May: Regulation of GMO and CRISPR
21 May: Collecting and using genetic resources (an introduction to Nagoya Best Practice Guide)


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