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A new science comedian in our midst

17, May 2023

A new science comedian in our midst

Did you hear about the one about the synthetic biologist who took to the comedy stage? She had a cell-out show (cue groans from the audience).

Seriously, Dr Paige Erpf from the Macquarie node truly did perform to a capacity audience at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre on May 13.

Paige was one of 10 scientists chosen to be part of Inspiring NSW’s Science Comedy Festival, a gig providing the chance to work with the Sydney Comedy School on honing original material. 
‘Being on stage was cool,’ says Paige. ‘It felt good to present science in a different way – simple slides, hand-held microphone, not hiding behind a lectern. 
‘It was also a super fun process writing the talk, being more carefree and putting jokes in. The audience responded well and I got jokes where I intended, even got jokes where I didn’t intend. Overall, I think it was a good experience and would definitely do it again.  
Feedback was positive and everyone said I did well. 
Paige is keen to explore more public performances as long as the content is science focused. 
‘I might incorporate some humour into my future lectures and talks. But I feel like the science crowd might be a tough one to crack,’ says Paige. 
Earlier in the month Paige also presented at the Future Science Talks at East Village Sydney.
photo: courtesy Belinda Fabian