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Congratulations to our conference winners

13, Dec 2022

Congratulations to our conference winners


Announcing the winners of the Shimadzu Best EMCR Talks and Poster Presentation.

Fourteen  early- to mid-career researchers (EMCRs) from across the Centre presented 10 mins talks on their projects to delegates at the Centre’s annual conference held at Kingscliff, NSW, from Nov 30-Dec 2. Forty posters were also presented and judged by a specialist panel.

Congratulations go to these winners of the Shimadzu Best EMCR Talk Awards and the Best Poster Presentation Award.

The Shimadzu Best EMCR Short Talk Award Winners

1st – Carly Carter, Macquarie University

Phun with phytases: Heterologous expression of phytases in an insect host

2nd – Alexandra Williams, Australian National University

A GPCR-based biosensor for optimising protein secretion in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Equal 3rd – Fergus Harrison, Macquarie University

Making it RAIN: A novel approach to the issue of slow and expensive metabolic pathways engineering

Matt Mortimer, Australian National University

Growing plants on Mars by engineering a synthetic perchlorate reductase

Best Poster Presentation Award

1st Maria Micaela Fiorito, Queensland University of Technology

A platform for engineering chemically induced dimerization systems and their use in protein biosensors

2nd – Brian Ee, University of New South Wales

Single-component protein biosensors assembled on DNA scaffolds

Equal 3rd place – Min Huang, University of New South Wales

Self-assembly of a bio-driven single-molecule real-time DNA sequencer

Francisco Peralta, Queensland University of Technology

Yarrowia lipolytica: Engineering an industrial aimed yeast-based platform for lipid production

The Centre extends sincere thanks to  Shimadzu for sponsoring the EMCR Short Talk Awards.