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From appointing writers who will help us envisage a future with synthetic biology to running an impressive industry, schools outreach and public talks program, to working with the very best researchers and industry partners, we aim to leave an impressive long-term legacy of national and international significance.

Our team regularly hold events at the centre for interested researchers, students and industry partners to attend. There are currently no upcoming events, but please keep an eye out for future events and more information.

Check out the images below of Synbio school events presented by QUT’s Robert Speight and the Synbio team showing off biofluorescence at  Macquarie University in Sydney.

Outreach Program

Synthetic biology is a new science which has significant potential to improve food security, agricultural and other waste management, and to help solve some wicked problems in health and medicine.  Successful development of a Synbio industry will need a workforce. Our Outreach program is part of preparing the next generation of synthetic biologists. The CoESB also will invest heavily in developing Australia’s future frontier technology workforce by providing innovative training for early career scientists (ECRs) and postgraduate students.


The Centre forms one of the largest collaborative efforts in synthetic biology in the world and we want to attract the best researchers in the world to work with us. We welcome expressions of interest from researchers keen to join one of our teams based in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane to help us leave a long-term legacy in the national and international arena. Enquiries:


We are actively seeking postgraduate students to align themselves with an impressive array of projects under our key themes and three enabling bodies of research. You will have the opportunity to study with world-leaders in each pillar of research and to be part of an ambitious program that promises to have as much impact on 21st century science, technology ,society and the economy as integrated circuit technology had in the 20th century. Enquiries:


Our centre has extensive links with industry and we welcome relationships with new partner organisations keen on exploring how synthetic biology can be of enormous benefit to industry and agriculture. Our program will include Fellows embedded in diverse industries to further explore the potential of synthetic biology in boosting jobs, creating new technology and industries and enhancing the global competitiveness of Australian businesses.


Our programs include Women in STEM, an outreach that runs activities during Science Science and other significant events, and a Writer-in-Residence program. We also host the design and synbio magazine, Synthesis.


We are a world-leading research centre whose goal is to take us beyond what any single, existing microbe on earth can do.

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