Damien Cleary (He/Him)


Topics of expertise:
Metabolic Modelling Data Engineering Machine Learning Algorithms Systems Biology


Outreach Keywords:
Engineers Without Borders


Artistic or design skills

Web development and digital media design experience at a large multinational software engineering company

Data collection and analysis skills

Data science project experience working on collaborative data engineering and data science projects with large organisations.

Scientific communication skills

Comfortable talking to large groups in engaging ways about complex or introductory scientific concepts

Bioinformatics skills

My PhD project largely leverages and expands my bioinformatic skillset. Here we are engaging with disparate web based databases to develop a dataset of global one carbon metabolism and developing a platform for metabolic modelling of known and novel one carbon metabolism.


  • Masters Degree
    Bioengineering from Melbourne University
Other Details
  • Lab Membership Organisation: Lars Neilsen (UQ)
  • Research Theme: Microbial Communities
  • Research Capability: Systems Bioengineering,Industrial Translation