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Remediate FAQ’s

For the B-Sub microbe, when do I choose my resistance type?

Choosing which type of resistance you want can occur at any point in the game. Once it has been chosen, it cannot be changed. If the player is caught changing it to something else, this is called cheating and the player is no longer resistant to any hazard for the rest of the game, even if they have a resistance gene cloned into their microbe..

How do I swap my cloned genes?

If you wish to add a gene type that you have already cloned into your microbe, you will need to replace the old gene with the new gene. The old gene is then placed in the discard pile, face up next to the gene pool.

Which cards do I need to discard when the environment changes?

When an environment is changed, it is only cloned genes that state “discard on environment change” that are discarded. Any genes in your hand, or genes that do not have this statement are not discarded.

Can I recycle multiple times in one turn?

No, you can only trade plastics for ONE recycle card per turn, so there’s no point in storing up all your plastic cards and trying to trade them all in one go. You do that and you’ll end up losing all your plastic when people steal it with Attack Genes.

Can I trade recycle cards for better recycle cards?

Seriously? No… you can’t! Once you have traded plastics for a recycle card, that card is locked and cannot be stolen, traded, discarded, etc.

What if I don’t have any remediation genes cloned into my organism?

Well then, you can’t remediate. That doesn’t mean you can’t get any plastic though. If you have attack genes you could steal some plastic from someone else. Worst case scenario, if you just can’t seem to draw any remediation genes, you could toss your hand and draw a whole new hand. Hopefully, that will grant you at least one remediation gene.

How do I use my support genes for remediation?

The amount you can remediate is based on the Remediation Genes you have cloned into your microbe, in combination with any Support Genes which boost your base remediation. If you do not have any Remediation Genes, you are unable to remediate plastic from the environment. Support Genes that support remediation only work when you have Remediation Genes. You can’t use them to remediate by themselves, that’s why they’re called Support Genes.

What if I’m still remediating plastic when the environment changes?

If the environment changes before you have remediated all the plastic you can, draw the remainder of the plastic from the next environment without penalty or benefit from the new environment. All remediation after that is subject to the hazards of the new environment

Do I have to use my Defense Gene?

Yes. Applicable Defense Genes that are already cloned into the microbe are automatically used upon being attacked by an Attack Gene.

Can I play a Defence Gene from my hand to block an attack?

No. All Defense genes must be cloned into your organism to be able to be used. Gotta give your microbe some time to produce the proteins it needs to mount its defense.

What if we notice that there is a Defense Gene after an attack has been actioned?

If you forget that you have a Defense Gene, and no one else notices before the next player begins their turn, then you continue play without using that card. If ANYONE notices the Defense Gene, it must be played, even if you’ve already swapped plastics/genes etc., too bad! Roll it back!

If I steal plastic from another player, can I still remediate or recycle?

If you steal plastic from another player as an attack then this is considered part of the attack and not a remediation action, so you can still either remediate or recycle if you have the right remediation genes or plastic cards to do so.

When do I perform the action on my Attack Gene?

Actions on Attack Genes are performed immediately after cloning into your microbe, whether you like it or not.

What if I accidentally attack a player that has a defence card?

If your Attack Gene is blocked by a Defense Gene, there is no taking it back! Discard the Attack Gene and the Defense Gene. And don’t complain how unfair it is, you should have been paying closer attention to what genes the other player had.

What if I try to steal plastic from someone with no plastic?

I feel sad for you, but that’s just too bad. The attack card is discarded and the game moves on.

What if I attack using Chemotaxis and two players have the same amount of plastic?

You (the attacking player) can then choose which player to steal plastics from, but you can’t steal from both. If you clone this gene and the person with the highest number of plastics has a storage granule gene, then you have wasted this card, sorry, not sorry. If there is another player with the same number of plastic cards, you can choose to attack this player instead. Otherwise, the Chemotaxis gene is discarded as it has technically been played.

How can I remove the Terephthalate Sensitivity gene?

This gene is removed at the end of an environment. Any Defense genes you play after gaining this gene will only effect further attacks towards you. The only other way to remove this gene is to have someone else attack you with the Toxic Secretion gene, which allows you to choose a gene to discard. The only time in the game where you hope for someone else to attack you.

Can I still clone Attack genes with the Terephthalate Sensitivity gene cloned?

Unfortunately, no you cannot. The only exception is if you have the microbe Colin, with the special ability of +1 additional gene slot. In this case you would be able to clone another Attack gene other than Terephthalate Sensitivity at the same time.

How do you round up when taking half of another players plastic?

Split the number of plastic in half (for example of the player has 5 plastics, half would be 2.5), then round that number up to the closest whole number (which would be 3 for this example).

Rounding up seems a bit harsh, is it possible to round down?

Absolutely, you should play the game however you feel comfortable. If you want to change to rounding down for attacks, then that’s entirely up to you and the other players. But it’s probably best to make that decision before you start playing to avoid any arguments.

Can I do the action on my Support genes immediately?

Once a Support gene is cloned into your microbe it’s action can be used immediately. BUT – if you are cloning a gene involved in drawing gene cards, that part of your turn ended as soon as you started cloning. Too bad, so sad, you’ll have to wait until next round to use it.

Does this mean that I have to wait to use the action of a Transposition gene until next turn?

Because you are still in the cloning phase of your turn, you can use the Transposition gene immediately. It is only genes with actions relating to drawing cards that are delayed until your next turn.

How do I use the Quorum Sensing card?

With this gene, you choose another gene to mimic. If the original gene that is being mimicked is discarded, the Quorum Sensing gene continues to mimic the discarded gene. It is on your head to remember what that mimicked gene is, and if you forget, or even stumble for a minute trying to remember, that gene is then discarded.