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29, Sep 2023

Taylor, Swifties and Barbie

Dr Taylor Szyszka – one of the Centre’s busiest women in science outreach – has made her comedy debut at the Sydney Fringe.

Following in the footsteps of Macquarie University’s Dr Paige Erpf, Taylor took part in a Sydney Comedy School program to teach scientists comedic skills and to hone original material. During the Fringe in September, Taylor delivered a slick performance, managing to find a spot in her science for two trending pop icons – Taylor Swift and Barbie.

“I really enjoyed putting together my set,” she says. “It was a useful way to look at my work from a different perspective and it’s given me great metaphors to use when explaining my project!”
“Using comedy to explain science is a super powerful way to humanise science and connect with new audiences.
“Comedy really takes science communication to another level. I got to really see audience members share my interest and passion for what I do. It’s a level of connection and understanding that I don’t think you get with normal public talks.
“I’ve been eagerly waiting for a chance to combine my love for science with my love for Taylor Swift and I finally found the right medium.”
Watch her in action: